Week 11 Artist- Wesley Hicks

10752136_10204372208124306_1171645915_nWhen I first saw Hick’s Masterpiece, I could not believe. To me, I have a very unique interpretation of it. It seems like a wasted battle field where there was once civilization. And the fact that the Blocks look like legos, it seems like we should be careful when making life choices because everything can have a negative effect. The distinct colors of the block represents past times when humanity was at peace.


Week 11 Activity- My Turn

61818_450394975021891_1951188247_nThis week I choose to present an art activity through the program Adobe Photoshop. In this picture I have used my advanced Photoshop skills developed straight from the lessons of the the great teacher Steven Gipson of my high school. In this piece, I used the techniques of blending and shading to create a realistic effect of physical features portrayed in my artwork.

I also like to create a message with my art and in this particular photo, I clearly seem to be a female figure. But in reality, I do not look like this. This connects back to a previous post where I thought I can create a message through art to prevent domestic violence. With my Photoshop abilities, I now created my artwork to prevent gender discrimination.

Week 11 Conversation with David Aceves

Today I met David. David is from San Fernando Valley. He said its mostly Latino there and its like the Suburbs.
He majors in Civil engineering. Does what public needs like build roads, highways, parks. Civil engineers also do Soil reports. They learn things like Structural, environmental hydrolic, and  traffic. 
He likes watching shows like Southpark Park and Family guy. He used to like Stewie because he was evil and he likes that more than the new gay Stewie. He also used to like Brian because he used to be more a voice of reason. He watched the new Southpark episode about the Canadian devil making an app that kids spend a lot of money for and become poor. Then real devil kicks canadian devils ass. It was nice meeting David and I wish the best of luck to whatever he decides to do next in life.


Week 10 Landscape and Corpse Activity


This week for the activity I wanted to do something that can send a message. In this photo I am laying on the elevator door as if I were a victim of violence. Recently there has been a case in the National Football League about a particular player, Ray Rice, who is now suspended from the league for a year. The message I am trying to send is the horrors of violence especially violence between couples in many incidents of domestic violence. Even our favorite celebrities can be out of control but there should be more awareness of this issue.

Week 10 Conversation with Fahad Hassan

This week I met Fahad Hassan. Fahid is a second year here at California State University Long Beach and he currently majors in business. He is from LAX near the airport.

He is a Lakers fan. We found something in common and it turns out we both love Carmelo Anthony who is employed by the New York Knickerbockers of the National Basketball Association. Because he also works at the airport, he constantly sees celebrities. He has seen professional basketball player Andrew Bynum, entrepreneur and star of multiple reality TV shows Kim Kardashian West, academy award nominated actress Megan Fox, child Pop music prodigy Justin Bieber, and the guy who acts as Jessie in the TV Show Breaking Bad.20141030_120454

Week 10 Artist- Yee Li

This week I stumbled upon an art piece that very much caught my interest and intrigued my eyes like I had spider senses. What caught my eyes were the orange colors and lines that made it look sort of like a three dimensional figure and that shows a high level skill in mental vision working simultaneously along Li’s techniques in craft.

The art is exploring anxiety and fear through spatial representation. Our space influence the way we react. Space can be interpreted in different ways depending on an individual’s perspective. I do enjoy the artist’s subtle designs and it’s representation. img_5130

Week 9 Convo- Alan Vu

10581711_777044712356914_1886497238_nThis Week I met Alan Vu. He is a cool guy who also played football in highschool like me. I get excited when i meet former football players because we have something in common. He majors in communication disorders but it is a competitive major. He will succeed because he is a smart guy. He is from a small farm town in Selenas.