Week 15 Classmate- Conny Ramirez

This week I met Conny Ramirez. She is from Paramount L.a. She gets a ride from her brother to school. She wishes she could dorm.  She said she watches a lot of netflix. She watches arrow.

She likes going home when the weather is bad. Her major is undecided. She wants To learn about the brain. She is a Freshmen and She part of the “homies”.
I don’t know what that is but it was nice to meet conny this week.


Week 13 Artist Jeff Dula

This week the art that caught my attention the most was the painting that seems to be a red moon at the beach. And the water is ocean is leaking into another universe This is probably the best art piece at the gallery that day. The art represents cycles and darkness and the beautiful scenery.  If I were to see this on my bed I would be scared though because the moon is red.


Week 13 Conversation with Kim Tang

This week I met Kim. Kim is from Vietnam. She is a second year at California State University Long Beach. She majors in Prenursing. She wants to


bean Anesthiosist. Which is basically a Nurse. She has lived seven years in america. In vietnam, it is More competitive in school than here in america. She likes Crafting such as making key chains. She lives in Redlands. At the gallery, she likes the painting with the golden city get sunken in by a whirl pool and blown by a volcano. Kim is a determined student.

Week 12 Teaching

There are many types of art out there. One of my Favorite is Culinary. So I will now instruct on how I make easy strawberry smoothies.

1. Freeze your strawberries, and cut the stems off. 20141116_231247

2. Put strawberries in blender, water, and sweetened condensed milk.


3. Blend it.


I’ve always liked making food and drinks. I like making smoothies especially after a tiring day at school. Here is the end result.


Week 12- Activity Feedback

I enjoyed art class this semester and learned some interesting things. Some things that I have never done before. My favorite activities were vlogging, plaster casting, and instagramming. I liked vlogging about what I ant to do with art in the future and that helps me think positively. I learned how plaster casting can be done in a simple way. And way in the beginning of the semester we posted pictures on instagram and I thought one of my photos looked really cool.

Activities I did not like were drawing, spray painting, and kickstarting. I did not like the frenchgirl activity I just thought it sucked. For some reason I forgot to do the the spray paiting activity so that did not end up fun. And when creating kickstarter, it was a complicated process for me.

Week 12 Classmate- Abdulelah Algasim

This week I met Abdulehah Algasim, and I called him Abdul for short. Abdul is from Soudi Arabia and is a twenty year old freshmen. He took classes for credit before enrolling at California State University Long Beach. He majors in mechanical engineering and one day wants to work with his uncle.

He likes to watch soccer. He rather play soccer outside than inside because he feels like outdoor soccer gives you more space, it is more fun, and more challenging. He also was involved at school thinking about joining a frat but things did not work and and he decided to quit. He likes to have fun and went to EDC last summer. EDC sounds fun and awesome. Abdul is a very cool person and a fun person to talk to.