Week 9 Convo- Alan Vu

10581711_777044712356914_1886497238_nThis Week I met Alan Vu. He is a cool guy who also played football in highschool like me. I get excited when i meet former football players because we have something in common. He majors in communication disorders but it is a competitive major. He will succeed because he is a smart guy. He is from a small farm town in Selenas.


Week 9 Artist

I saw the art of Biobhan Mcclure this week. I saw a picture of some orange mountains which was interesting to me because I myself do chinese landscape paintings. Seeing different styles of landscape paintings fascinate me. The mountains are blue and orange. The two colors mix together 10749531_777044729023579_715594291_nperfectly

Week 9 Activity- Vlog

This week for my video blog I talked about my future as a film major. Because I also like to draw, I one day dream of starting my own anime. I like to draw sports pictures like Alex Smith, Carmelo Anthony, and Ryan Kelly. I had my pictures posted recently and you can find them on instagram at http://instagram.com/gareezy. I don’t post much but I am starting to draw again. I am also pursuing a music career and I will post samples of my music soon, probably on soundcloud or on youtube.  Here is my Vlog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KccpjHLDM2A&feature=youtu.be

Week 8 Conversation with Juvento Cisneroes

This week I met Juvento Cisneroes. Juvento Cisneroes is a second year at California State University Long Beach. He is from Central Valley. He majors in mechanical engineering. He likes working on cars. If he had a car he would customize it.

He likes drawing cars because cars are his interest. He also likes playing Fifa, a soccer video game. He Also watches soccer and mostly watches the Spanish league. Juvento Cisneroes is a cool guy.20141016_114522

Week 8 Eportfolio

Screenshot_2014-10-19-23-35-50 Screenshot_2014-10-19-23-35-40 Screenshot_2014-10-19-23-36-17This week for the activity I have to show something about my major. I am a film major in my first year. I like drawing and always wanted to make my own anime. I try to get likes on Instagram and hope my art gets out there. I have been drawing my whole life and I think I should incorporate my art skills and my basic film producing skills. I think I am a pretty creative person and reach my goal of having my own anime and get famous then take over the world with my money.

In the art shown above, I drew 2 pictures of Alex Smith when he used to play for the Niners. And the middle one is Ryan Kelly of the Lakers. They are two players I admire.