Week 2 Instagram Art

Throughout the day I took 4 photos and put them on instagram. One of them were a view near trees. I feel like that nice weather and trees represents southern California. Waking up to that view is amazing.

I also took a picture of art from the gallery. The one with the cement floor is awesome. from a phone perspective it looks like an ordinary sidewalk but in reality half of it is a projector light.

The foil tent is open to interpretation. I think it is some conspiracy message. The Symbolism of the foil.

I also took a picture of my fan. On one side the lighting is more reddish orange because it is hot. But on the other side of the fan, the hue is blue representing the cold air after it passes the fan. I created the piece by looking through different filters and lighting20140904_110930 20140904_111140 IMG_20140905_113029 IMG_20140905_113417.


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