Week 2 Glamfa Art- Bridget Batch

20140904_111140The sculpture I really liked was the foil tent by Bridget Batch. To me it had a message. It seemed like some conspiracy related topic. The art is described as “when we are robots we still gaze at the stars.” There was also a tv in there Showing some dude walk through the desert coming closer and closer. Batch relates this art to science.

You know what I think? It seems to me that the person walking in the tv represents fear. The thing that most americans fear today is a terrorist. Because most american minds tend to assume, the guy creeping up on the tv inside the foil tent may be a representation of what people fear. But since this tent was made of foil, I figured its as if you were captured in the future and the first thing is see something you fear.

In the movie “terminator salvation” it was survivors versus robots. Could this art portray the future of humanity? Or am over-analyzing everything? The foil tent really speaks to me and makes me wonder…


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