Week 1 Glamfa exhibition: Audrey Barcio

barcio_3During the art exhibition, I discovered various forms of art by different artists.  There were many art pieces that were unusual to me for example, I saw what seems to be a kindergarten drawing on a piece of paper. Other very unusual art pieces that surprised me were ones that showed penises by Kang Seung Lee. I have no idea what it represents, but it was quite uncomfortable when I stumbled upon it.

Some that I found interesting were the color printed cash and the hairy rock. the color printed cash is a true representation of how much money is used for college. And college is very expensive.

My favorite one is the hairy rock by Audrey Barcio is influenced by magic.  Its a tight rope between reality and deception.  It relates magic to art. To me the it looks like nature. I believe it ties the natural world with the world of art. The soft fur on top of the rope symbolizes life and the rock symbolizes nature.  And a very important aspect with the art that Barcio added, was the majestic pink hue on the rocks.  When thinking of something magical or mystical, often pink has a nice elegant vibrancy.


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