Week 5 Identity Art

20140928_164319 20140928_164425

Today I wore a dress shirt sort of hoodie and some sweatpants. It was different because I usually would not wear some thing like that in such hot weather. I usually get hot and sweaty in my shorts and it was terrible wearing sweatpants. Wearing a hoodie also made it extra hot.

Usually I would wear a tshirt and some shorts. I try to dress simple in hot weather because I feel lighter like that. I like wearing cargo shorts because they hold more stuff with the extra pockets.


Week 5 Artist- David Yamamoto

This week I discovered art work that showed stores closed down. The art was photographed by David Yamamoto. I feel for this art work because my parents are small business owners and we have been on the verge of closing many times. And if my store were to close, where would my family’s income come from? What happens to the workers? Its an economic downhill spiral and the images portrayed by Yamamoto is very heart touching in a sad way.

Yamamoto’s intentions were to create a message to the audience about how the economy is down. Many businesses try but eventually everything has to come to an end. Even such a big company like Circuit City can close down. Art has emotions and this art piece is definitely truthful but also painful.20140925_112523

Week 5 Conversation with Kevin Cordova

On Thursday, I met Kevin Cordova. Kevin is from Lakewood California. He said its like a city within a city because its in between cities. His father is a police officer so he is strict. He went to Lakewood High School and he said it is boring. In High school Kevin was one of the founding members of the philosophy club. in that club they talk about philosophies.

Kevin majors in anthropology which is the study of old history. When he gets older he wants to be an archeologist like Indiana Jones and travel to Rome. We also talked about the art work that showed closed stores. Its the painful reality of how things come to an end.


Week 4 Plaster Casting Activity

Today my friend drove me and my girlfriend out to the beach. I never knew what plaster casting was until this week. It is cool to know that we can make sculptures like this in easy ways, stirring the plaster with the water.

I tried to make a hand sand sculpture by pushing my hand into the sand and making sure it doesn’t collapse.¬†After 30 minutes of chilling and talking, the hand didn’t turn out great but it was good for something made at a beach. It was still a good experience to learn about plaster casting.img_4776

Week 3 artist-Christopher Vavrek

In Vavrek’s display of art, we can learn a lot. To me it was a masterpiece of what may be an abandoned broadcasting room.  As a film and electronic arts major,  I found the display of artistry skills very interesting.  The way everything was set up with the errors dangling from the ceiling.  It puts a feeling of fear when you walk in.

I also saw a bunch of jenga pieces on a couch. I’m not sure what that means but it might connect to how the age of non digital broadcasting is collapsed. And we add humans are moving into a new generation.

I also noticed a bunch of computer parts even though I’m not an expert.  In some way in reminded me of the movie war of the world.



Week 3 Conversation with Branden Saito

Week 3 artist convo-Branden saito
He lives in Huntington Beach.  He commutes and wants to move. Living at home is boring. He is in frat and they have lots of fun.

He is a Computer major.  He does things like creating programs. He used to do computer engineering but it was too hard and took up most of his time. So he did not have much fun.

I found out he is also a miami heat fan when exploring the art gallery. The art was quite confusing but we did have an idea of the art’s meaning.