Week 1 classmate conversation- Devante Lindsey

   Today I met a student named Devante. He is now a junior at csu long beach. He went to long beach poly for highschool.  He majors in nursing. He enjoys the campus but might have to transfer because the nursing program is packed. One of my nicknames are gary and coincidentally his father is named gary. He has been at csu long beach for his college years.
       We talked about how we played foot ball and what position we play.  He played on the d-line from freshmen to senior year in highschool, d-tackle or d-end.  And He also played tight-end during his senior year. He was surprised to learn kids from San Francisco (my home city) are not as large in size.  People from outside the city would be taller than him and he would be considered a big person if he were to play on my team. Although he played football,  and plays basketball for fun,  he doesn’t watch it on tv.
       He liked the art with the picture of beyonce and other celebrities that are captioned with “keep calm”. He finds them interesting. I find them pretty cool too. He also liked the art with the hot dog and the rainbows around it. He feels like it is the one of the only one that actually looks like art. He’s a cool guy and it was nice meeting him.



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